Get to Know the Team

Passionate Enthusiasts' Journey

Welcome to Daro Racing, a place where our love for high-performance car parts and genuine camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts come together. Honestly, we were tired of the same old frustrations. We've been through it all – the letdowns, the "meh" customer service – and we thought, "Hey, we can do better than this!"

Human-Centric Automotive Hub

So, when we say you're in good hands, we mean it. We wouldn't suggest anything to you that we wouldn't slap on our own rides. At Daro Racing, you're not just a customer; you're part of a warm community where passion fuels everything we do. Think of us as your buddies in the automotive world, ready to help you make your ride as unique as you are. Welcome to Daro Racing – where we take into consideration the human side of horsepower.

Our values

Daro Racing isn't just a business; it's a warm, welcoming space for everyone who shares our passion. Picture us as friends who've tinkered with the Trackhawk's power, embraced the ZR1's speed, navigated trails with the Raptor, felt the exhilaration of the Z06, and marveled at the Blackwing's sophistication. Our current joy, the C7 Z06 shop car, stands as a shared project we're thrilled to showcase.